The Manga Guide to Physics: Learning Physics From Comics

The Manga Guide to Physics is a comic-based primer to introductory classical mechanics. It follows the story of Megumi, an all-star tennis player who is going to need some help to pass her next physics exam. Lucky for her (and you) her friend Ryota, a physics wiz, is glad to teach her about Newton’s three laws of motion, momentum, kinetic energy, conservation laws, vector algebra, and much more using real-world examples. Maybe her new knowledge of physics will also improve her tennis game. If you are looking for a little extra college physics help, this entertaining primer is worth a look. Click the image below (a page from the book) to pick up a copy from Amazon. Below the image is a excerpt from the Prologue and Chapter 1 from the book, or click here for a fullscreen preview.

The Manga Guide to Physics (Excerpt)

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